S 0° 34' 25.5" , E 113° 18;37.4"


This earthy fragrance of this deodorant is made from organic ingredients, and owes its name to the volcanic islands and dense tropics of Indonesia. Ingredients indigenous to Indonesia like patchouli and nutmeg give it a natural musk, while cinnamon and mint keep it fresh and light.

FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION   Fresh citrus and crisp marine notes are blended with sheer cyclamen, davana and rock rose in this uniquely fresh all-natural fragrance creation. Amber and cedarleaf create the base and anchor the composition blend to a soft finish.

N 62°04'46.1" , E 8°28'21.0"


The mild citrus fragrance is derived from organic ingredients, and evokes the crisp wintry rivers of Norway, the geographic inspiration of this deodorant. Sweet lemon, lime, and mint is offset by a slight woodsy musk reminiscent of foggy Scandinavian forests.

FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION Fresh citrus and cooling mint create sparkle for this unisex blend of herbs and woods. Juniper, cedarleaf, lavender and patchouli add sensual appeal to the creation. A background of mountain woods intertwines with tones of golden amber to finish this all-natural scent.

N 57° 32' 9.3336", W 6° 13’ 34.5828”


Our Scottish inspired bar soap, made with natural and organic ingredients, features a crisp pine fragrance with subtle sweet notes of vanilla and citrus, as well as earthy patchouli and sage. We use organic ground oatmeal that provides a mild exfoliation which works well with sensitive dry skin.

To capture the crisp natural air of the Isle of Skye, the geographic inspiration for this soap, we use essential oils from common Scottish trees like Scots pine and birch. Our careful selection of natural ingredients is inspired by the meticulous approach taken to producing Scotch whisky, which is required to be aged in oak barrels and fermented with pure ingredients.